CBBC is currently showing My Life: Who Are You? on bbc iplayer.

From the blurb:

Documentary telling the incredible story of 14-year-old Hannah, who has one of the worst cases of face blindness in the UK. Everyone is a stranger to Hannah and she doesn’t know who her mum, dad, sisters and friends are when she sees them. Hannah can’t even recognize her own face and being face blind has cut her off from the world around her.

Hannah embarks on a course of ground-breaking treatment at Bournemouth University where face blindness expert Dr Sarah Bate is trying to understand how the condition works and help people like Hannah finally know who the people around her are. During the course of her treatment Hannah meets another young girl with face blindness for the very first time. Twelve-year-old Laura, who has been face blind since birth. The girls exchange experiences, and even meet one of the country’s top businessmen, Duncan Bannatyne who is face blind too. The girls both vow to be even braver from now on in their interaction with the world.